ATP Signed BOT Agreement with YPK

On 21st December, 2016, PT. ATP finally closed the deal with PT. YPK (Yayasan

Pendidikan Koperasi) worth $1 Billion USD in constructing IKOPIN’s new

campus and Edu – Biz Centre.

This project consists of constructing IKOPIN’s campus building, along with a

hotel, mall, business centre, and also the overall infrastructure of the area. With

the construction of the new face of IKOPIN, at the same time the area of

Jatinangor will also be enhanced to support this new and improved campus.

The project will be a 30 + 30 year project  in developing the IKOPIN campus and

the overall area, and is expected to improve the prosperity of students and

citizen around the area. Also, the project is expected to increase business

activities around the area, encouraging students and locals to open up

businesses and opening up more job opportunities for the people in the area.

The project will start construction around Mid 2017, and in hopes that it will

develop and finish around the year 2077.