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Our main vision is to improve the livelihood of the people. This is done by our emphasis of sustainability in our business. With a sustainable business, environment, and community combined, it leads to the improvements of people’s overall prosperity.


The Company’s belief is in order to sustain the vision of “Improving the Livelihood of the People”, it is formed an equation comprised of 3 elements of SUSTAINABILITY, which are the following:

1) Sustainable Environment - The Company must perform Sustainably to thebest of its knowledge and its effort.
Without which, there will be no resources and life.

2) Sustainable Community – The Company must educate and perform its social responsibility to the surrounding
community. The local community must be able to enjoy what we have enjoyed from their home ground. The
company also believes that the employees are a community entrusted by God for the sustainability of the
company. Without happy employees, there is no Sustainability.

3) Sustainable Business – The Company must ensure and continue to operate profitably, despite profit is NOT
solely the Main Priority for the company. The business has to be profitable so the Company may be able to
SUSTAIN itself and to continue to sustain the Environment and Community. You can only give as much as you

Main Story

PT BMS was established in the year 1999 by Joseph Hong Kah Ing. That was once an small IT and trading company changed focus into resource & property company. Now diving into industries in Mining, Real Estate, and Agriculture, PT BMS has grown exponentially after it’s transition to these 3 business cores.

Currently, the company has managed 16,300 ha of nickel concession and 18,500 ha of coal concession; the company has 2 pieces of agriculture land which includes1,000 ha in Sumedang, West Java and 29,000 ha in Nabire, West Papua; also undertaking major projects, such as the construction of IKOPIN Edu-Biz Centre,
Citeureup Estates, and also Simatupang’s further infrastructure development.

The main focus of this company is to provide for the people and utilize resources given by God to increase overall prosperity of the people.

Who We Are

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